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Welcome to the blog! 

I love photographing proposals. The anticipation, the nerves, the surprise, the joy and tears and all the feels – it’s unlike anything else, and such a special thing to witness! Garrett & Lexi’s proposal at the Dallas Arboretum’s Poetry Garden was romantic, sweet, and such a surprise for the beautiful bride-to-be. Garrett had been planning for weeks, weaving stories to throw Lexi off, planning with her sister Brooke, choosing the perfect location and setting, and selecting music for the violinist to play.

There were too many sweet moments to choose just one to share with you! One of my favorites was watching Garrett wait for Lexi to arrive. He sat on a bench in the Poetry Garden and looked at the beautiful ring he had for Lexi, and I could almost feel the nerves of him wanting the moment to be perfect for her, all of the planning and dreaming that had led to that moment, and the excitement for what was to come.

When Lexi arrived, the expression of surprise and emotion on her face was so sweet (wait until you see!), and when their families appeared moments after the proposal to celebrate, it was all the tears and joy and alllll the feels.

Garrett & Lexi, congratulations!! You’re engaged!

From the Groom: “We’ll call it 6 years in the making, though I had a crush on her back when we met in the 5th grade. She was the pretty, fun girl that came from an incredible family, and I could have never guessed that I would one day be calling her my fiancé and to-be wife. 

The day of the proposal was perfect. With help from her sister, we were able to surprise the girl that is so hard to surprise – once with the moment, then again with both of our families who came to celebrate the day with us. It was a day of building some awesome memories, and I will think back on it forever. “

From the Bride: “8.17.19 was the best day, ever! Garrett and I have been dating well over 5 years, so it’s safe to say that him proposing was definitely on my radar…maybe a little too much on my radar! My sister and I had been wanting to get sister pictures done together, so she mentioned getting pictures done and giving them to my parents for their anniversary! Thinking a little bit about the possibility of getting engaged, I was assured by Garrett, my sister and my family that it for sure wasn’t happening. I mean, being as nosey as I am, I still didn’t believe them!

Our “picture day” finally rolled around and Garrett sent me a snapchat with his company’s shirt on because he told me that he had a “work event” that Saturday. In that moment, my heart completely dropped, and I knew for sure that the proposal definitely wasn’t happening.  My sister and I arrived for our photography session at the Dallas Arboretum, where the anticipation of getting engaged was completely gone. And let me just say, it was hard to still be in a good mood! lol. Little did I know as soon as I walked down the steps into the Arboretum that the man of my dreams was standing right there. My heart dropped again, but this time it was in the best way, ever! 

Even though Garrett was surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and had a beautiful violinist playing my favorite song, (that I didn’t hear because I blacked out, lol) all I could see was him in that moment. He said so many sweet things that are also kind of foggy because again, I blacked out, but he finally asked me to marry him after all of this time, and of course, I said YES! 

Both of our families then met us after, and it was just the most perfect way to celebrate! I’m still on cloud nine from that day, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together! I love that I have the sweetest pictures to reminisce on this special day, all thanks to Sami!”


Garrett & Lexi Proposal | Dallas DFW Wedding Engagement Photographer | Sami Kathryn Photography

Garrett & Lexi Proposal | Dallas DFW Wedding Engagement Photographer | Sami Kathryn Photography




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