I'm a wedding photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Kick back & enjoy a glimpse into my life!

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Welcome to the blog! 

Long distance relationships are hard. While I was in grad school in North Carolina, Matt was in Texas. We did so many things to try to make living so far apart feel normal. We’d cook dinner together, then eat together and watch a movie on rabb.it, like we were having a real date night. We FaceTimed before we went to sleep every night. We sent care packages and scheduled visits. But it was just hard. We learned how to communicate in a big way, and when I finally moved back to Texas, I was so grateful for how we’d grown because of the distance… but also really grateful that we weren’t so far apart anymore.

Jeff & Michelle are living that life right now, but oh so gracefully. Jeff is in Oklahoma, and Michelle is here in DFW. They’re planning their wedding from far apart, but before they know it, they’ll be back together again. We met at White Rock Lake in Dallas for their engagement session, and it was a dreamy day with this cute couple. Jeff & Michelle, I hope you love this preview of your engagement session! July will be here before you know it!!

Jeff & Michelle Engagements | Sami Kathryn Photography | Dallas Wedding Photographer | White Rock Lake-1



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