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Welcome to the blog! 

When you’re planning a wedding, you have fifteen thousand things to think about and remember, am I right? You want everything to be perfect, and that takes preparation! Well, I’m here to make getting your details together a little bit easier so that you can be sure your photographer captures gorgeous photos of the sweet details your spend so long choosing!

I normally spend about an hour and a half doing “bridal prep” photos. This includes the bride & bridesmaids getting ready, as well as capturing allll your beautiful details, from invitation to gown to rings to bouquets.

Why is this time important? It gives your bridesmaids a chance to get to know me and get comfortable in front of the camera, and it makes for a very relaxed, stress-free start to the day! It also ensures that all the details you spend so long choosing are captured so that you never forget them. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, and the photos we capture during this time always end up being some of my brides’ favorite images!

I always encourage my brides to have their details gathered (or have their maid of honor responsible for this!) so that when I arrive, I can start shooting! While not every bride has all of these details, the items listed below are the ones that I normally photograph. Want your detail photos to be extra special? I’ve included some of my favorite “extras” that will make your photographer LOVE you!

After you finish reading all the tips I have for you below, don’t forget to snag your FREE Wedding Details Checklist so you can be sure all your bridal details are prepped and ready for your photographer on your big day! Grab the checklist, then make sure all your details are in one place (like a box or bag!), so you don’t have to worry about them on your wedding day!

. . . .

Sandlewood Manor | Sami Kathryn Photography | Styled Shoots Across America | Wedding Inspiration | White Florals1. Rings

Be sure to have all three rings ready for your photographer (his & hers wedding bands, and her engagement ring)! I love photographing the rings before the day gets started so once the ceremony is underway, the rings do not leave your finger!

Want your rings to sparkle extra bright? Below are some of my favorite extras

Ring Boxes: These add such a special touch to the photos of your invitation suite and jewelry, plus it gives you a special & secure place to keep your ring when it’s not on your finger!
Voeu du Coeur | The Mrs. Box | Everly Box | Bark & Berry

Ring Cleaning: Don’t forget to get your ring cleaned before your big day! Don’t have time to take them to the jeweler? Snag a Gem Pen and clean it yourself!

Ring Dishes or Trays: You can find fun ring dishes everywhere, from Target to Homegoods to Nordstrom to Anthropologie! If you have a favorite, include it with your details – your photographer will love you! Marbella Dish makes some of my favorites.

. . . .

Sandlewood Manor | Sami Kathryn Photography | Styled Shoots Across America | Wedding Inspiration | White Florals2. Shoes

Still looking for the perfect pair? My favorites are Bella Belle, Kate Whitcomb, and BHLDN.

. . . .

3. Perfume

Bring the scent that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day – such a sweet thing to remember!

. . . .

4. Jewelry

Don’t for get your Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, and Hair Piece!

. . . .

5. Keepsakes

Anything special & sentimental that’s part of your wedding day, like handkerchiefs, something old, new, borrowed, & blue, garter, heirloom jewelry… that sort of thing!


Scribbles & Swirls Stationery & Calligraphy | Dallas Wedding Photographer | Sami Kathryn Photography-166. Invitations & Paper

My favorite part of details! Include 2 copies of your complete invitation suite (invitation & envelope, details/accommodations card, RSVP card & envelope, and any other pieces your suite may include), wedding program, menu, etc.… feel free to throw in your save the date, too!

If you want your invitations to look even more complete and lovely, check out my favorite extras below!

Calligraphed Envelope

There is nothing lovelier than a calligraphed envelope. If you didn’t have all of your wedding invitations calligraphed, that’s okay! I still recommend asking a local calligrapher to address an envelope or two for you to be photographed. Trust me, it makes all the difference! One of my favorite calligraphers is Carole Lola, but google away and you’ll find so many wonderful artists to choose from!

Wax Seal

Artisaire has stunning wax seals that can add so much to your invitation suite. Be sure to ask your stationer if they offer wax seals, too!

Vintage Stamps

Many shoes on Etsy allow you to purchase individual vintage postage stamps, or a curated collection with a color scheme designed to coordinate with your invitation. My favorite is Vintage Postage Shop.

Vow Books

Whether you wrote your own vows or are using traditional vows, handwriting them you’re making to one another in a vow book is such a special way to preserve those promises. Etsy is full of beautiful vow books, but two of my favorite sets are by Carole Lola and Paula Lee Calligraphy.

Silk Ribbon

Oh, I could go on and on about how lovely silk ribbon is! It adds texture and color to the images of your invitations, and is another sweet keepsake to hold on to after your wedding. My favorite silk ribbon suppliers are Oh Be Joyful Creative and Tono & Co.

. . . .

Tim & Kristen Lantana Golf Club | Dallas DFW Wedding Photographer7. Florals

When possible, have your florals delivered to your getting ready locations. That way, your photographer can photograph your bouquet alongside your other details, and capture the boutonnieres as well! It’s also a great idea to ask your florist to provide a few loose blooms for styling with your invitation suite. Your photographer will LOVE you if you do this!!

Oh, and another extra… Did I mention my love of silk ribbon? For your bridal bouquet, I recommend investing in silk bouquet ribbons. It adds great texture and color to make your bouquet look extra luxurious.

. . . .

8. Gown & Veil

The most important part of your attire! I recommend having your gown ready to photograph as soon as your photographer arrives. It helps to have your gown hanging from a non-plastic hanger with any pins or stuffing removed! If you would like bridesmaids dresses photographed as well, it’s best to have those hanging on non-plastic hangers and ready for your photographer, too. This gives your photographer more time to find the perfect place to photograph your dress, rather than spending those precious minutes unpinning and hanging!


Want the images of your dress to have extra personality? Find a custom or unique hanger (like this vintage brass one) to hang your dress on!

. . . .

Tim & Kristen Lantana Golf Club | Dallas DFW Wedding Photographer9. Gifts & Letters

It’s always so sweet when couples change letters or gifts before they see each other on their special day. If you plan on doing this and want those items photographed, have them ready and waiting for your photographer. Bonus points if you include hand written letters!

. . . .

10. His Details

Of course, his details matter, too! For him, be sure to include his shoes, cufflinks, tie, socks, watch, cologne, etc.

Extra: Embroidered heirloom handkerchief or pocket square (like these ones from Mark & Graham) or custom cufflinks (like these!)

. . . .


Again, I know that when you’re planning a wedding, there are so many things to think about. I’ve been there! So, to make it a little easier, I’ve put together a FREE Detail Prep Checklist for you! I hope this freebie helps relieve stress AND allows your photographer to capture images of your details that you will love and will help you remember how special your marriage is.




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