The Heirloom Wedding Planner is here to help. From choosing your vendors to building your guest list to choosing sentimental details, this guide has been written with care to make the process joyful, stress-free, and full of intentionality so you can plan a beautiful wedding and prepare for an even more beautiful marriage.

Ready to de-stress wedding prep?

Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. Coordinating all the details, trying to make family happy, juggling opinions from all sides, and then having to figure out how to pay for all of it?!

It can seem daunting at the very least, and it's easy for the tasks and lists and endless to-do's to take away from the joy of getting married and the focus on building a life you love with your soon-to-be spouse.

But what if I told you there's a better way? That it's possible to take it one step at a time, to find purpose and beauty in each decision, and to create a start for your lives together that isn't just a beautiful party, but a celebration of an even more beautiful marriage, and the start of the legacy of your family?

In my years working in the wedding industry, I've seen and learned a whole lot about wedding days, lovely marriages, and everything in between. As a wedding photographer, my job is to capture special details and sweet moments, but also to guide a couple through their wedding planning process & their wedding day.

I've packed all my knowledge into this planner, filling it with the tactical tools, helpful resources, and valuable information that will make designing your dream wedding day simpler and more joy-filled.

But even more than that, I've poured my heart for the legacy of marriage onto these pages, giving you suggestions for how to create family heirlooms from your wedding day, how to incorporate meaningful details, and how to make intentional decisions that allow you to invest in not only your ceremony and reception, but the start of your lives together.

The Heirloom Wedding Planner includes resources, worksheets, and all the helpful checklists you’d hope to find in a guide for wedding planning! It also includes unique tips, ideas, and exercises created to customize your wedding day to your unique relationship, help you build your own traditions, and guide you through making intentional decisions to create legacy-building heirlooms.

This wedding planner itself is an heirloom for you to hold on to long after you exchange your vows! So mark on the pages, cross things out, and fill it up with your story, dreams, and vision for the start of your lives together.

It's really true -

Let's figure out how.

Know when to complete important wedding planning tasks, and keep on track with to-do's and appointments.

Build an intentional budget, break down your expenses, track costs, and choose where to invest your resources.

Design a wedding day that is built on you and your fiancé's priorities, style, and preferences.

Negotiate with vendors and choose a team that you can trust to bring your wedding day vision to life.

Build timelines for your wedding day and plan the details of your ceremony, reception, and photo shot list.

Enjoy your season of engagement, prepare for an intentional marriage, and create heirlooms and keepsakes along the way.

"This wedding planner is unlike anything else I've seen or used! The chapters talk you through everything you need to know & do as well as provides SO many helpful tips and resources. But the intentionality behind the words is what makes this planner so unique and special.

For anyone looking to dig deeper and not only plan your wedding, but set out your intentions for your marriage, this planner is for you!"     -  HWP Bride

"The Heirloom Wedding Planner checked all of my boxes AND MORE of what I would want in a wedding planner. Not only does it help keep you track of all of your wedding things but there's a whole section on planning an intentional marriage, a checklist of things to change with your new last name and more ideas for after your wedding. There's not a single thing missing from this planner and it's worth every penny!

Being able to take my wedding dreams from my head and into this planner has been a life saver. For a stress free and detailed wedding I would highly highly recommend getting the Heirloom Wedding Planner yesterday!"     -  HWP Bride

"I was immediately drawn to this resource because I'm incredibly passionate about family heirlooms. I want to incorporate them in my wedding, create new ones with my husband (like our crest!), and it signifies such Southern elegance. The emphasis the planner puts on your marriage and not just the wedding day is absolutely perfect. Even if you already believe this, everyone can use the reminder!

I love how they also guide you through retelling your love story so you can infuse it into the details of your day. The vendor questions to ask sections is so helpful! If you are a bride that wants to incorporate details and memories you can revisit each anniversary, this is the perfect planner for you."     -  HWP Bride

"The Heirloom Wedding Planner will be your best friend. Whether you put a hard copy in a binder or access the pdf digitally, this planner is a lifesaver. The Heirloom Wedding Planner allowed my fiancé to get involved, more than I thought it would, which he and I loved!

The questions are intentional. I found the timeline section to be the most helpful. My fiancé and I were trying to decide between doing a first look or not, and this section of the planner really helped narrow down our decision. You can’t go wrong with this planner!"     -  HWP Bride

"The Heirloom Wedding Planner is a gorgeous, practical way to keep wedding planning focused on what’s important. It includes everything you could ever need to plan your wedding! I had been getting overwhelmed with the planning process, but the Heirloom Planner made me feel like I could handle it!

There is even a place to plan out things like seating charts, discuss your vision for each part of the wedding with your significant other, and focuses on preparing for marriage in such a beautiful way. I cannot recommend this wonderful wealth of resources enough!"     -  HWP Bride

"The HWP surpassed my expectations - it has EVERYTHING I need to plan my wedding, plus more that I didn’t even think about. It’s such a sweet balance between the logistical details of wedding planning interwoven with intentional discussions with your partner about the deeper meaning behind marriage (and thus your wedding!).

The HWP has sparked great conversations, and I can’t wait to keep using it to plan my dream wedding!"     -  HWP Bride

"This is the most thorough and well-arranged wedding planner I've seen. It's beautiful and offers lots of great tips. I also love that it has sections for after the wedding and wedding anniversaries so it really turns it into an heirloom.

It helped make wedding planning more enjoyable and intentional. I would recommend this wedding planner to all brides-to-be!"     -  HWP Bride

You want a beautiful wedding day that highlights your unique relationship but celebrates an even more beautiful marriage.

You need a little guidance and some helpful resources to help narrow down your vision and bring it to life!

You want to incorporate meaningful details, family heirlooms, and sentimental keepsakes into the start of your marriage.

You want to enjoy your season of engagement and to slow down, reflect, and prepare for your marriage intentionally.

The planner itself is a PDF digital download for you to print, place in a binder, and mark up with all your notes, dreams, and thoughts! Staple in quotes and business cards from vendors, tape in images from magazines, clip in fabric samples - make it your own, and hold on to it long after your wedding day so that you can go back and remember how your marriage started. Who knows, one day you might be sharing it with your daughter when she's planning her wedding!

Some people have to have a hard copy to write on, while others prefer digital - and some prefer both! We've designed digital resources to accompany the planner and make the planning process even easier.

From a guest list and RSVP tracker to a budget spreadsheet, the digital companion resources are simple to use and easy to download from the online Heirloom Wedding Planner Resource page.

Even with all the best tools, tips, and resources, sometimes we need to be surrounded by community to remember that we're not alone! 

That's why the Heirloom Wedding Planner Facebook community exists - it's a place to ask questions and find inspiration from brides, and to be reminded of the purpose behind wedding planning!

Here you'll find worksheets & tips that will help you narrow in on your wedding day priorities, style, vision, and purpose! We'll guide you through creating an inspiration board, building a color palette, and articulating your hopes and dreams for your marriage.

I. inspiration

Time to build your budget! We'll narrow down your budgetary priorities, make decisions on where to invest & where to save, and break down each spending category.

You'll create your guest list, decide with whom you would like to celebrate the start of your marriage, and track those RSVPs!

II. Budget & guests

III. Vendors

Learn what questions to ask when you meet potential vendors, keep notes at each appointment, track contact information, and build a team that will bring your wedding day vision to life.

IV. timeline & plans

Let's get all the details straight! You'll build a wedding day timeline (with tons of tips, samples, and worksheets!), make decisions about a first look, create your family formals shot list, make your wedding website, and plan your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

V. ceremony

We'll talk about the structure of a wedding ceremony, elements and traditions, and plan your ceremony with help from templates and worksheets! You'll make decisions about your vows (and see tons of sample vows in our Vow Library!), and if you're writing your own, you'll find tips and worksheets!

VI. reception

With lots of templates and worksheets, it's time to plan the party! From choosing what traditions to incorporate to making decisions on seating, signage, menu, music, and the grand exit, we'll guide you through the whole process to planning a reception that will be a huge celebration of the newly married couple!

VII. the heirloom wedding

From incorporating existing family heirlooms to creating new ones, choosing wedding day gifts and details, and navigating how to use your wedding day images after your wedding, the tips and worksheets in this chapter are created to help you include intentional items that make your wedding day & the marriage that follows all the more meaningful.

ix. your intentional marriage

This chapter will help you make decisions about pre-marital classes and counseling, give you suggestions and help you plan for how to enjoy your engagement season, and building your registry together. Plus, we'll talk about how to change your name once you're married, and anniversary gifts & traditions that you can use to celebrate your marriage year after year.

X. Resources

The final section of the Heirloom Wedding Planner contains resources from recommended vendors to blank calendar and notes pages to thank you note tracking pages for your bridal showers and wedding gifts to make wedding planning a little simpler and more joyful!

This is where it all begins. As you choose your dress and design your floral arrangements and rearrange the seating chart for the twelfth time, don't forget that this is more than just a wedding day. The choices you're making now, the ways that you're preparing for life together, they are the start of something incredibly beautiful: your marriage.

The Heirloom Wedding Planner is designed to keep that perspective throughout the wedding planning process. Look through these images and be reminded that one day, you could be sharing your wedding day heirlooms with your children or grandchildren, showing them the legacy of your family's love, and passing down treasures for them to carry with them as they start their own marriages. 

Wedding planning isn't easy - after all, marriage isn't easy! But our prayer as that the Heirloom Wedding Planner is a helpful tool to equip you in the planning process and to help you build a beautiful marriage filled with grace, adventure, wisdom, joy, and resilience.

Already married but still want access to all the helpful information on building intentional anniversary rhythms together, cultivating heirlooms in your marriage, and celebrating your relationship? Purchase the Anniversary Guide!

You'll receive a digital download of the 158-page Heirloom Wedding Planner in PDF format, access to the online library of digital resources, membership in the exclusive HWP Facebook Community, and access to the Anniversary Guide!

The Heirloom Wedding Planner is a 158-page digital download! When you complete your purchase, you will be able to download the HWP as a PDF.

What format is the Heirloom Wedding Planner in?

Wherever you'd like! We suggest printing at a local office supply store that will allow you to print edge-to-edge. Home printers may cut off parts of the page, or force you to shrink the page to fit a blank border around the edge.

Where should I print the Heirloom Wedding Planner?

We definitely suggest hole-punching the planner and putting it in a binder, so you can add business cards, pamphlets, fabric samples, and more! We love the Russell + Hazel binders at Target, which you can find here.

Once I've printed it, what should I put it in?

Once you've purchased your copy of the Heirloom Wedding Planner, you'll have access to the online library of resources! The webpage for the Resource Library is available on page 6 of the planner.

How do I access & use the Digital Resources?

You'll find a link to join the Facebook Community in the online Resource Library! You can find a link to this library on page 6 of the planner.

How can I access the Facebook Community?

Send us an email at and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

What if I have other questions?